I don't want to give away too much of the story here. 

Let's just say it takes a modern Taoist sage to reveal the way to open the secret yin/yang gates.

This sage's name is Da Shi and he used to live up there on one of Taoism's sacred mountains in China.

Now he lives not far from Merlin.

(FYI, the T in Taoist and Taoism sounds like a D)
Secret Gates
Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy  based on yin/yang.

It all started when Lao Tzu wrote this mysterious little book called the Tao Te Ching.

If you can figure out what  he's saying, then you're probably wise enough to get the yin/yang gate open on your own.

If not, learning Tai Chi Chuan from Da Shi is the way to go.

Tai Chi is an incredibly powerful martial art. But it's not like Karate or Kung Fu that depend on using your muscles.

If you can get Tai Chi's first gate open you'll discover Yi and a totally awesome way of moving and experiencing the world! Yi is also the key to opening the other gates. So what's Yi?

Find out with me in The Merlin Gate.

Tai Chi Chuan